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Come join us at one of our fun, empowering, and relaxing Gowns and Gardens events!

Gowns and Gardens is an event where we not only want you to leave feeling amazing, energized, and ready to take over the world; but also a time were you have a chance to put on that gown you have always loved, but rarely get a chance to wear. Come dressed to impress! Bring out your summer hat, or that parasol that makes you feel all grown up while playing dress up at the same time. No gown is too much for this event!!! We aim to make all our events full of splendid treats, serene music, and great guest speakers! Come join us and enjoy the treasures of Gowns and Gardens events!

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Summer 2024

Becoming Iconic, 3rd Annual,Women’s Garden Summer Party, Saturday, TBD

​Join us for a lovely afternoon of Gowns and Gardens, good company, live harpist, and empowering guest speakers!!!

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Elegant Black Dress

December 2024

Look How Far We Have Come, A Celebration of Legacy 2nd, Winter Gala

Join us for an evening of laughter, entertainment, speakers, scrumptious food, live music  and more!!! Time, date, and location to be announced.


Interested in attending? Sign up for a promo code for early bird pricing!

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