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Giving Back

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House of Charities

It is a big world out there. In 2021, 38 million people, or 11.6% of all Americans, lived below the poverty line.* That is a lot of children and families with dreams, visions, and ambitions who must overcome real challenges to fulfill them.

Gowns and Gardens House of Charities   (GG House  ) is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity, focused on improving the lives of women and children through education, resources, and personal development which focuses on:

  • Rehoming Awareness (Unregulated Child Custody Transfers)

  • Foster homes/ Orphanages

  • Widows Financial Support Groups

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Education


Join us in our stand to do our part in our communities and the communities around us!

Every bit of generosity helps, and no gift is too small. We are encouraged by gifts of all sizes because it shows us that there is one more person out there standing with us, committed to education, self-awareness, and philanthropy.



What is Rehoming?

Parents have the legal responsibility to protect and care for their children. The unregulated custody transfers of adopted children, commonly referred to as “rehoming,” is a practice where the parents of adopted children decide that the child is not a fit anymore and turn to the internet or other unregulated networks to find a new home for their child. This practice puts children at risk of being placed in dangerous situations where they may face harm from the adults who receive them.

The Heartbeat of

Gowns and Gardens House of Charities


Here we have a deep desire to see those we help have the opportunity to get the right tools and skill sets they need to build a solid foundation to grow from. This is why we emphasize the importance of exposure through our enrichment programs and offerings; knowing that those with more exposure have a better chance to navigate successfully through society and life.


Education is key. Learning is growing, helping those we serve to learn new skills and perspectives is key to their success. 

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Creating stability through support, perspective, education and understanding of themselves and situations, putting the power of choice back into our clients’ hands.  

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