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Engagements and Events Policies

Cancellations, Refunds, and Administration Fees

In purchasing a ticket to a workshop hosted by Gowns and Gardens, whether your ticket was purchased via our website or via a direct Invoice, whether you purchased your ticket personally or by someone on your behalf, in purchasing a workshop ticket you are deemed to have accepted all our Workshop Policies. Our Workshop Policies are as follows:


If you need to cancel your workshop registration or request a transfer, you must do so in writing according to the guidelines below.


If you need to cancel your workshop registration for whatever reason, please do so in writing. An email to will suffice. We recognize that unforeseen personal circumstances may arise impacting your ability to attend our workshop(s); however, Gowns and Gardens will not accept responsibility for these. If a participant chooses to cancel their confirmed registration, or cannot, or does not attend the workshop, the following will apply:


Workshop Transfer

The registered participant may transfer their registration to a person provided the person has met any prerequisites required to attend the workshop and any other qualifications needed to attend. An email from the registered participant must be sent 24 hours before the workshop is to take place with the replacing participant CCd on the email to with the Subject “Class Transfer Request” for approval. Additionally, please include all pertinent information:

·         The registrant’s first and last name

·         The registrant’s registration confirmation number

o    The prospective participant:

§  First and last name

§  Phone number

§  Email address

§  Mailing address


Transfer is not granted until an approval is sent. If notice is received 23:59 hours or less from the scheduled starting date, it is up to the discretion of Gowns and Gardens as to accept the request. There is no charge for the Transfer. Only the person physically taking the workshop will receive credit for it.


Processing Refunds

Refunds agreed by Gowns and Gardens will be processed within 60 days from the written agreement to issue the refund to the attendee.

Workshop Cancellations

If written notice is received that the participant will not be able to attend, 7 days or more from the scheduled starting date, a 50% refund will be offered or a 70% credit given to be applied to another class. If written noticed is received less than 7 days from the scheduled start date, a 70% credit will be given to be applied to another class; no cash refunds will be given. No refunds will be made if no written noticed is received.


Gowns and Gardens Right to Cancel

Gowns and Gardens reserves the right to cancel a conference in the event of an unforeseen circumstance, or if the minimum acceptable registration is not attained. A full refund for your registration will be given if Gowns and Gardens cancels the workshop for any reason. Gowns and Gardens will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by registrants, i.e., non-refundable travel arrangements. Refunds will be made within 60 days of notification being made in writing to the attendee of the cancellation of the workshop, or registrants will have the option to transfer the registration to a course at a future date.


Workshop Changes

Gowns and Gardens reserves the right to make any changes to any aspect of any workshop without notice.


Workshop Registration

Workshop registration is only confirmed when full payment has been received from a participant.


Attendance Certificates

Workshop attendance certificates will be emailed within 60 days of the conclusion of the workshop. Attendance certificates will only be emailed or mailed to the person registered to attend the workshop if that person signed the workshop attendance sheet during the registration period on the day of the workshop.


The spelling of the attendee’s name used on the attendance certificate will be as indicated on the workshop attendance sheet. The email address and mailing address of the attendee to which the attendance certificate will be sent, will be as indicated on the workshop attendance sheet. Any corrections to the spelling of your name or to your email address are to be made at that time of registering your attendance at the workshop when you sign the workshop Attendance Sheet. The email address, mailing address, and spelling of the attendee’s name will be deemed final after you sign the attendance sheet and no corrections are possible after you sign the Attendance Sheet.


Failure to Sign Attendance Sheet

Failure of an attendee to sign the attendance sheet on the day of the workshop will be deemed to be an indication that the person registered to attend the workshop did not attend the workshop, and no attendance certificate will be issued.

Requests for Additional Copies of Workshop Certificate

Additional copies of workshop certificates will incur a $35.00 administration fee.  This includes sending again previously emailed attendance certificates that are captured by your spam filter or are delivered by your mail service into your junk folder. It is your responsibility to ensure that emails from Gowns and Gardens  are recognized and accepted by your Inbox, and physical mailing addresses are provided correctly.


Promotions and Special Offers

Gowns and Gardens  will run workshop promotions and special offers from time to time. All workshop purchases made outside of any workshop promotional offer are final and subject to our Workshop Policies. No workshop discounts or special offers will be applied to workshop purchases made outside of any promotional offer. Being unaware of any workshop promotion or special offer existing at the time you make a workshop purchase outside of the promotion or special offer, will not be considered reason for a refund of the amount of the promotion or special offer or a reason to cancel your existing ticket, issue a refund and reissue a ticket covered by the promotion or special offer.


To stay up-to-date with our promotions and special offers, it is in your interest to join our mailing list via the slot at the bottom of our website Home Page and to follow us on social media.


Workshop Refusal

Gowns and Gardens  reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to decline entry to any of our workshops to anyone who may have registered, and/or to discontinue attendance to anyone who may have registered. A refund less 50% refusal fee will be remitted to the refused registrant.


Workshop Suitability

Gowns and Gardens  training workshops are directed at interested up-and-coming young professionals, other professionals, and interested parties. Workshop content information is available on our website. It is recommended that workshops be taken in order. You are welcome to attend; however, you attend under your own volition. Gowns and Gardens  takes no responsibility as to the suitability of any workshop.


Have Questions

Please contact us via email or by phone at (424) 222-4742.

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