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"New Year, New You" Giveaway

Floreé Beauty Box

About The Product

About The Product

  • FLOREE BEAUTY La Carmen Dream Cream Night Repair

    • Repair your skin’s moisture barrier overnight and wake up to soothed and visibly hydrated skin. While you sleep, CBD's anti inflammatory properties smooth out puffiness and dehydration lines. Includes Retinol (Vitamin A), Cocoa butter, Plant stem cells, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Seaweed (Wakame), Panthenol (Vitamin B5) Hemp seed oil, and Algae extract. Our dream Cream Night Repair is formulated with rich moisture actives to create a dream blend of skin-loving ingredients resulting a hydrated, radiating complexion. Designed to be gentle and beneficial for all areas of the face, including the undereye area.

  • FLOREE BEAUTY La Carmen Super Antioxidant Ageless Serum

    • Our Super Antioxidant Ageless Serum has a soothing base of aloe and fruit water plus botanical agents. The result is the appearance of naturally smooth, firm, and more even-tone skin. With a soft golden color and silky texture, our serum effortlessly nourishes and protects without clogging pores. Acai berry, reishi mushroom, raspberry seed, seaweed, green tea, and coenzyme Q10 are just some of the nutrient sources formulated in our serum. While these ingredients get to work protectively, other ingredients hydrate and nourish. For dry to normal skin.


  • FLOREE BEAUTY La Carmen Universal Radiance Face Oil

    • OurU Universal Radiance Face Oil is formulated for skin in need of deeply restorative hydration. A gentle oil from Rice Bran Rosehip Argan, and Sea Buckthron that helps plump dehydration lines, soften the appearance of wrinkles, and brightens dark spots. With a texture that feels light and melts into the skin to deliver essential omega fatty acids and antioxidants.

  • FLOREE BEAUTY La Carmen Vitamin C Extra

    • Vitamin C Extra is one of the most powerful ingredients in anti-aging self-care. Known for its role in collagen production and firming effect, vitamin C also neutralizes free radicals from the environment and pollution that assault skin daily. Topical application reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitaminc C in the form of L Absorbic Acid has been shown to be the most effective, and it keeps its power when maintained in powder form. When dissolved in a water-based serum, the result is a blend that delivers the potency of this antioxidant. For mature skin. No recommended for sensitive or reactive skin.



Our Philosophy

Inspired by the farm-to-table movement in the culinary world, we set out to reimagine our relationship with our skin. We wanted every indulgent ingredient in every artisanal Floreé Beauty creation to be put there by our very hands.


Why? Because our skin lets in nearly seventy percent of everything applied to the surface. That’s seventy percent of all the bleaches, artificial fragrances, aluminium/alumina, sulfates, silicones, steroids, and petrochemicals found in mass-produced skincare.

That’s why we said no to all the bad stuff and yes to clean beauty.


You can feel, smell and see the difference. It changed our relationship to our skin, and we hope it does the same for you. More


Terms and Conditions    

Terms and Conditions

Take part in our giveaway and you have the chance of winning a $100+ Floree Beauty set!

Winner will receive a Floree Beauty set mailed to them for a $100+ value. Use your Floree Beauty set for a spa experience a like no other. Floree beauty is, clean beauty, vegan, small batch, made in the USA, plant based. Indulge your skin and see great results with these products as a part of your skincare routine!


To enter the giveaway, do the following

Follow @gownsandgardensevents

Tag 3 friends 
Share to your stories


There are two bonus entry options that can gain you up to two more entry points.

Bonus entry options:

1. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter at to count as an additional entry for you.


2. Purchase a ticket to our next event to count as an additional entry for you.



The giveaway begins Saturday, January 27, 2024, and ends Wednesday, February, 14, 2024, Midnight PST. This giveaway is open to all new and existing followers and subscribers who complete all required steps.

To enter this giveaway, one must be a USA based residence, 18 or older. This giveaway is void where prohibited. Both private and public Instagram accounts can enter this giveaway. This giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram or any other platform. Friends and family of Gowns and Gardens, Staff, Partners, Sponsors, and Affiliates are not eligible to participate in this giveaway. All entries which have satisfied all requirements will be entered and chosen via a random number generator.


The winner will be notified via email, or Instagram direct message, or Facebook direct message. Once the winner has accepted it will be announced on Instagram and Facebook Monday, Februry 19th , 2024.

The winner will have 48 hours to reply to the email announcing, Instagram direct message, or Facebook direct message with their acceptance of the prize and mailing address for the gift card. Winners must reply to the email or direct message received all other communications of acceptance will not be accepted. If the winner does not reply to the notification to them that they won in 48 hours of the email being sent another winner will be chosen and notified. The Floree Beauty set will be provided via a mail career such as USPS. No cash value will be exchanged or given for the beauty set.

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